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D.G.Wills Books events on Book TV, C-SPAN:
Professor Yunte Huang discussing his book Charlie Chan.
Journalist Dave Zirin discusses his book  Welcome to the Terrordome.
D.G.Wills Books events  on UCSD TV:
Professor Robert Polito and Patricia Patterson discussing
Professor Andrew Feenberg discussing his collection The Essential Marcuse.
D.G.Wills Books events on TSN: THE SCIENCE NETWORK:
Professor V.S. Ramachandran dicusses his book The Tell Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human. 

Professor Lawrence M. Krauss discusses his book Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life In Science.


Upcoming Events


Prominent medical historian
Conrad Keating

will discuss his new book
 The Transformation of Geographical Medicine
 in the U.S. and Beyond”
Saturday, July 15, 7PM


Kenneth Warren was a powerful figure in twentieth century medicine whose work transformed public health policy and tropical medicine, and who left a profound legacy in global health thinking. A prolific writer and researcher, Warren was respected for his scientific research, winning awards and accolades, while his later role as activist, agitator, innovator and connoisseur of science brought him international recognition. His career in medicine is remembered for three enduring achievements: 1) his efforts to introduce modern biomedical science to the study of infectious diseases in the developing world; 2) the proselytizing energy he brought to the ethical challenge of how to provide the most cost-effective health care to the world's poorest people; 3) and his tenure as Director of Health Sciences at the Rockefeller Foundation, during which time he inaugurated the Great Neglected Diseases of Mankind Programme. Told through personal interviews with both Warren's supporters and detractors, the story of Warren's career, inexorably interwoven with the GND programme, is a compelling narrative that has not only enduring implications for current medical research, funding and healthcare across the globe, but also a long-standing legacy for the future ways in which we combat disease in the developing world.

Conrad Keating is the Writer-in-Residence at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine at Oxford University. He is the author of the widely-acclaimed biography of the British epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll, Smoking Kills: The Revolutionary Life of Richard Doll.  His most recent publication, Great Medical Discoveries: An Oxford Story, accompanied the exhibition ‘Great Medical Discoveries: 800 Years of Oxford Innovation’ which he curated for the Bodleian Library, Oxford.  For the past twenty years, Keating has been dedicated to showcasing some of the biomedical stories that have advanced human wellbeing to a wider audience.


South Carolina poet
 Gary Jackson
will read from his book
Missing You,
 selected and
 with an Introduction
 by Yusef Komunyakaa
 Saturday, July 22nd, 7pm

Image resultWith humor and the serious collector’s delight, Gary Jackson imagines the comic-book worlds of Superman, Batman, and the X-Men alongside the veritable worlds of Kansas, racial isolation, and the gravesides of a sister and a friend.

Jackson integrates the comic-book world of superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman into his world as a black adolescent in Kansas.  The finale is gentle, almost anticlimactic, as he recalls how his superheroes let him ‘inhabit a world a page removed from our own,’ hinting at the grace of (temporary) escapism.”—San Francisco Chronicle

Gary Jackson is the author of the poetry collection Missing You, Metropolis, which received the 2009 Cave Canem Poetry Prize. He is featured on 2013’s “New American Poets” by the Poetry Society of America, and his poems have appeared in Callaloo, Tin House, 32 Poems, Crab Orchard Review, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of both a Cave Canem and Bread Loaf fellowship, and an associate poetry editor at Crazyhorse. He teaches poetry in the MFA program at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.



Sunday, July 30, 2PM


Noted architectural historian Keith York will discuss and show slides of Frank Lloyd Wright’s impact on San Diego architecture – joined by Wright Apprentice Bill Slatton. Though urban legends persist to the contrary, Frank Lloyd Wright did not build a project in San Diego County. What does exist here are buildings by Wright’s sons, his apprentices and disciples, who moved to the region and spread his ideals across a number of projects from the 1940s on.

As a follow-on to the highly successful exhibition at La Jolla Historical Society, ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’s Legacy in San Diego: The Taliesin Apprentices’, curator and historian Keith York will interview Wright apprentice Bill Slatton and share the history of Wright’s influence in San Diego. Prior to his passing in 1959, Frank Lloyd Wright shared his architectural ideals with his sons Lloyd Wright & John Lloyd Wright and apprentices Sim Bruce Richards, Loch Crane, Frederick Liebhardt, Vincent Bonini and Bill Slatton – all of whom moved to San Diego and designed an array of projects for clients throughout the region. Slatton worked with Wright between 1956-59, then moved to San Diego where he would collaborate with locals like Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, James Hubbell, Harold Abrams, Leonard Veitzer, William Lumpkins, Loch Crane, Lloyd Ruocco, Homer Delawie and Frederick Liebhardt.

Keith York has published regularly on the San Diego’s post-World War II modernist architecture, art, design and craft at modernsandiego.com. Recognized for his restoration of Craig Ellwood’s Bobertz House (1953-55), York’s most recent project, an exhibition for the La Jolla Historical Society The Taliesin Architects of San Diego: The Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright, brought the largest audience in history to the downtown La Jolla gallery. Mr. York is currently writing a biography of Wright apprentice Sim Bruce Richards, chronicling Craig Ellwood’s furniture designs for a forthcoming book, Craig Ellwood: Self Made Modern, and preparing an exhibition celebrating the San Diego work by architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

Previous Events at D.G.Wills Books


Christopher Hitchens


Director Oliver Stone


Historian and Churchill biographer Sir Martin Gilbert


Francoise Gilot


Vogue magazine photo of Francoise Gilot at the original store


Michael McClure


Yevgeny Yevtushenko


Nobel Laureate Gerald Edelman, Director of the Neurosciences Institute, with U.C. Berkeley philosopher John Searle with Mrs. Searle


Nobel Laureate Manfred Eigen


Quincy Troupe


Iris Chang


Gerry Spence


Noted editor Robert Weil, editing a Patricia Highsmith manuscript for W.W. Norton & Co.



Loeb Classical Library and Western Philosophy wall

Previous Events at D.G.Wills Books 



Ted Burke, Norman Mailer, Dennis Wills


Allen Ginsberg, l994


The New York Times Pulitzer Prize Columnist Maureen Dowd


Jill Abramson, Executive Editor, The New York Times, with Maureen Dowd


Billy Collins, Poet Laureate of the United States, 2001-2003


Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Gore Vidal, November 2005

Listen to this event


Gore Vidal with Professor Dennis Altman


Gore Vidal, March l998, with noted South African playwright Athol Fugard in audience


Nobel Laureate Francis Crick, February 1995


James D. Watson and Francis Crick with their model of the DNA molecule, the Double Helix, at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, l953


Nobel Laureate James D. Watson, September 2007


Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott


Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis


Three & One-Half Time Pulitzer Prize Playwright Edward Albee


Pulitzer Prize Poet Gary Snyder


Pulitzer Prize poet Gary Snyder


Oscar-Winning Actress Patricia Neal with her biographer Stephen Michael Shearer


Patricia Neal holding a model of "Gort" from the science fiction film classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still"


Richard C. Atkinson, President Emeritus of the University of California, former UCSD Chancellor and former Director of the National Science Foundation


Renowned scientist Freeman Dyson 


Freeman Dyson with Mrs. Dyson


A visit from Oscar Nominated and Emmy Award Winning Actor Paul Giamatti


A visit from Jim Belushi, 2003


Jim Belushi at the original store, l988


Claude Picasso and Francoise Gilot

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